In whichever field Anna Thunström is working, her voice is her main means of expression.     

Anna has obtained an MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts from the Academy of Music and Drama (AMD) in Gothenburg (2016-2018), where her main focus was to explore audience meeting and using lyrics as a tool for reflection. 

Originally trained as a classical singer, with a BA in singing teaching from AMD in Gothenburg (2007-2012), Anna specialised in Renaissance and Baroque music (Early Music) and moved to England after graduating. In London, Anna became a member of Dowland Works, a group of singers and lutenists lead by world-renowned soprano Emma Kirkby. Dowland Works focused on performing English Renaissance music and with them Anna sang in numerous Early Music festivals in the UK.

Through Dowland Works, Anna’s love of English lute songs was born. Anna soon discovered that not many of her peers were familiar with this type of music. To share lute songs with a more contemporary audience, Anna created the immersive performance In Darkness Let Me Dwell in Omnibus Art Centre in London 2016. This became a springboard for a new way for Anna to work with Early Music and a realisation that she wanted to explore her creativity.

During her Masters in Contemporary Performative Arts, Anna started to develop her own artistic voice, specialising in making performances where the individual audience members’ interpretation and unique experience are the focal point. 

Anna particularly enjoys interdisciplinary collaborations and is curious about anything that is site-specific, immersive and interactive, with a focus on blurring the borders between performer and audience member. 

Anna’s passion is to place Early Music in a contemporary setting, to give people an opportunity to relate to music they might never have heard before.